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Surely anyone who has been in the marketplace to get a life insurance policy has run into the confusing array of plans available. The following will provide you with a brief overview of two of the most popular life insurance coverage selections: Choosing between term or universal life.


The first thing to understand is the fact that term life insurance is recognized as “pure” insurance. That means that term life is universal life insurance and does not build any cash value. You can purchase this coverage for a certain amount of years, ex. 20 and once this term is over you can renew it for a higher cost or do nothing at all. The features of term life insurance are that it is the lowest priced life insurance policy because it assists no other goal other than to provide your beneficiaries satisfaction knowing they are financially protected in case of your untimely loss of life. It is basic and to the point.

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Universal life insurance is a type of long-lasting life insurance. Permanent life insurance plans offer fatality benefits and a savings account. Unlike a term life insurance plan, permanent life plans build up cash value. The benefits of buying a long lasting type of life insurance are the fact that if the insured outlives the initially established term, they will be reimbursed some of–often more than–the amount placed on the original premium.

In addition, universal life insurance policies are known as a flexible policy because you are permitted to vary your life insurance premium obligations as well as adjust the facial value of your coverage. Keep in mind that you must maintain enough monthly payments so the cash value on your account will not drop below the charges against your cost of the plan. The more you put into this account the higher your cash value will be for future use. Common life insurance policies will have higher life insurance rates because it also serves as an investment vehicle.

Choosing Between Term and Universal Life Insurance?

There are many things to consider when deciding to choose between term life insurance and a common or long-term life insurance plans. For instance, term life insurance is actually a great choice for individuals who may have limited funds and not many obligations. Usually, younger people choose term life insurance because they have a lower risk of dying in the immediate future. Younger investors believe that they can possess the best of both worlds: coverage for themselves and their young individuals while also being able to use the money they save on cheaper insurance for other investment needs.

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While term life insurance appears to be a relatively short period solution, long-lasting or universal life insurance coverage is more helpful for those who have built more possessions and accumulated additional money. Universal life insurance coverage can be tapped into as an old age account to permit for seniors to enjoy.

A very important thing to do is contact your financial consultant for current life insurance quote in both term and universal life. Your financial consultant can also assist you in deciding which life insurance coverage would best suit your current needs as well as forecast what might be needed in the future. To learn more about term life insurance and general life insurance use our online form today!